A Member-Driven Consortium Preparing for Tomorrow

Delivering innovative insurance and risk management solutions to private higher education

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A Member-Driven Consortium Preparing for Tomorrow

It is our genuine desire to see the mission of private higher education flourish far into the future

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A Member-Driven Consortium Preparing for Tomorrow

Collaboration is the key to our success


A Vision of Racial Equality

In the 1960’s, EIIA was created to help historically black colleges and universities (HBCU’s) of the Methodist Church purchase insurance during a period of extreme prejudice and racial injustice. Since that time, we have opened our programs and services to all faith inspired private colleges and universities who share a vision of racial equality.

While progress has been made over the past 50 years, we are still a long way from achieving the racial equality envisioned in the 1960’s. HBCU’s provide the spark in our young people that keeps the flames of this vision alive. EIIA is blessed to be a partner of our Historically Black Colleges and Universities and 150 faith inspired institutions and will continue to fight for the ideals they represent.

丝瓜视频啊app下载EIIA supports the drive and passion of our black communities as they strive to achieve social justice and fairness in our society.

Partnering. Preparing. Protecting.


丝瓜视频啊app下载Higher Education Expertise

丝瓜视频啊app下载We integrate the collective wisdom of our Members with our industry expertise to achieve a dynamic partnership that generates extraordinary solutions to the complex risks faced by private higher education today.

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Our Programs

  • Property & Casualty Program

    The Property & Casualty Team negotiates coverages in the commercial marketplace with the strength of a Fortune 200 company to secure the breadth and depth of coverage your campus needs. The two Member-owned captive insurance companies provide better access to coverage and control over costs.

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    I feel like you have “my back.” You offer services above and beyond my expectations. The insurance is cost effective and strategically designed. You are experts in risk and insurance.

    Tish Gade Jones

    VP for Finance & Administration – Nebraska Wesleyan University

  • Risk Management Services

    丝瓜视频啊app下载A dedicated Risk Management Director partners with your staff to deliver hands-on risk management advice, risk awareness education and support to help protect the institution’s assets and reputation.

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    As a CFO of a small, independent university, I find our relationship with EIIA to be a tangible value that I can touch and feel nearly every day. They help us to optimize the value of our investment in insurance by providing advice on coverage levels that is not biased by a profit motive. EIIA is one of the most important strategic partnerships that Schreiner University holds.

    Bill Muse

    丝瓜视频啊app下载Vice President for Administration & Finance - Schreiner University

  • Student Insurance Program

    The Student Insurance Program offers robust student medical plans that address the changing needs of your student population. With the assistance of our Members, we have designed responsive plans and a user-friendly online enrollment/waiver system.

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    Staff is very prompt in responding to calls/questions/issues. Price is great.

    Tijuana Hudson

    丝瓜视频啊app下载Vice President for Fiscal Affairs - Claflin University

  • Employee Benefits Program

    The Employee Benefits Team takes a consultative approach when designing your employee benefits package that helps you project and manage costs while ensuring flexible options and superior delivery of services to faculty and staff.

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    We have the ability to design a plan that works for our school and we have a great relationship with the EB Team - They're incredibly helpful and always available.

    Jane Corey

    丝瓜视频啊app下载Director of Human Resources - Davis & Elkins College