Achieving Dynamic Partnerships

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Members and Participants

Members and Participants

丝瓜视频啊app下载Private Institutions of Higher Education


丝瓜视频啊app下载EIIA is a Member-driven organization. EIIA is the sole member of two successful captive insurance companies. Membership in EIIA is extended to any private, faith-inspired college or university enrolled in the Property & Casualty Program.


丝瓜视频啊app下载Institutions that participate in the Employee Benefits or Student Insurance Programs but are not enrolled in the Property & Casualty Program, are Participants. Trust entities have been established to administer these programs.


  • Sophisticated programs shaped by leaders in private higher education

    丝瓜视频啊app下载EIIA is governed by 23 directors consisting of member Presidents, Chief Financial Officers, Church-appointed Representatives and two Independent directors from industry. These directors are responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of operations of EIIA and its related captives and trusts. The Board and its sub-committees meet regularly throughout the year.

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    EIIA’s higher education knowledge and insurance industry expertise, combined with expanding training and educational resources, provide the necessary tools to help sustain our campuses for the future.

    Dr. Daniel A. DiBiasio

    President - Ohio Northern University

  • Identifying emerging trends

    丝瓜视频啊app下载Thirty Chief Financial Officers and Risk Managers appointed by the EIIA Board of Directors constitute the Advisory Council of EIIA. Their role is to provide feedback and counsel on the performance of the EIIA’s insurance and risk management programs and identify Member needs that can result in new programs and services. The Council meets twice annually.

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    I enjoy hearing colleagues from other institutions talk about relevant experiences.

    丝瓜视频啊app下载John Gilmore

    Sr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer – Princeton Theological Seminary

  • Keeping Members connected

    A Member Representative is a single individual designated by each school to represent its interests and provide governance to EIIA. These individuals gather once a year to vote on new Board of Directors and other corporate actions that may be required as well as participate in a risk management conference.

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    I benefit so much from attending the Members' Meeting. In my role as the university's risk management director, the information I receive at the meeting as well as the connections I make with fellow institution risk managers is invaluable.

    Beth Kidwell

    Director of Risk Management - Otterbein University

  • Direct engagement in our programs

    丝瓜视频啊app下载EIIA offers two Trusts to support its Employee Benefits and Student Insurance programs. Each Trust is governed by a set of Trustees chosen from schools participating in those programs. Their role is to insure program offerings are functioning as intended and the needs of all participants are met.

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    As Trustee of the Higher Education Benefit Trust (HEBT), I understand and have a voice in the financial structure of the program and how the Trust benefits Institutions. Illinois Wesleyan University has experienced great results by self-funding our employee benefits over the last ten years.

    丝瓜视频啊app下载Matt Bierman

    Vice President for Business & Finance - Illinois Wesleyan University

Member Collaboration

We are more than just a business for managing risk and reducing the cost of insurance. EIIA Members meet regularly to share insights and counsel with each other on the practices and activities that work to the benefit of the consortium.

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